Kwik-Fit is the UK’s largest fast-fit company and is well known for providing tyres for light commercial vehicles.

However, many van fleet operators may be less aware of the company’s wider services such as vehicle servicing, MoT work and range of related mechanical services, all of which can help reduce the transport costs.

To meet increasing demand from fleets for a wide range of van-related products and services, Kwik Fit is investing in an expanded range of tyres in centres that will cover the top 80% + of LCVs with premium, mid and budget priced choices across each of those sizes.

We are also investing in new specialist light commercial vehicle equipment in more than 670 UK centres – the largest network of any fast-fit provider – plus tooling for light commercial vehicles, including six-tonne trolley jacks, five-tonne axle stands, wheel clocks, extensions bars and tyre cages.

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